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I love horror movies even though a majority of them are absolute trash so hooray for finding out I follow someone who reviews them - especially cause Halloween coming up means IT’S TIME TO DO THE THING.

I’ve been on tumblr for like three years now and I’ve always meant to do horror reviews, but it’s only now that I’m committing to it.

It’s time. Go out there and stab a pumpkin.


Here’s one that I probably won’t go in-depth on. I only watched it for the first time today.

My dad put this on our Netflix list, and he picks movies the same way I do: by the poster, followed by a quick look at the first two reviews. Imagine our surprise when this one, unlike Jug Face (boring) and…well, everything else, was actually pretty neat.

The Pact is about a woman who returns to her childhood home after her mother dies, but soon has to contend with spooky happenings when her sister disappears.

The movie doesn’t give off a great first impression, because the first scene is pretty cliche: surreal flashback/flashforward that Insidious made popular, character giving an exposition dump over the phone (“We have to be here, we’re her daughters!” “That’s just like you to run away from responsibility!”), and 2spoop stinger.

After that, though, it becomes a far more deliberate, calculated affair, and it cranks up the tension at just the right pace to make the jump scares actually scary. There’s a lot of imagery that varies from pretty creepy to genuinely disturbing, and it’s the fact that the movie unashamedly carries its slow pace that makes it effective.

"Slow" doesn’t mean "plodding," thankfully, though there were some moments that I had to roll my eyes and check the time. Chief among them was most anything that involved the detective character, who was the most detective-y detective to ever detective. Dude missed his Max Payne audition by about six years.

I also wanna mention that the cast was almost exclusively female, and there’s no hackneyed romance plot with Detective Scruffystare. You never see that in horror.

It might not knock your socks off, but if you chance upon The Pact, it’s worth seeing.


Modern Horror Movies Get Amazing Retro VHS Covers

See that? That’s some artsy crap. That’s some post-war existential drama indie cinema right there. That’s not the kinda poster you see for an early-80s slasher.

There we go. I, as an American viewer, can appreciate this much more.

I first heard about The Prowler when I spotted it on a list of slasher movies purported to be the goriest. “Interesting,” says my high school freshmen self, stroking his soul patch. “Mayhaps I will watch it.” Then he put Enter Sandman on loop and tried to draw Spawn for an hour.

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Silver Bullet -1985

Presenting: every werewolf movie available on Netflix Instant.

That’s fourteen, four of which are Howling sequels, one of which is actually about koalas and stuff.

Silver Bullet isn’t even there. This is a disgrace.

I’m on Netflix, and…




The Prowler [Rosemary’s Killer] (1981) - Poster.


The Prowler [Rosemary’s Killer] (1981) - Poster.